Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Impact of the Weavering Judgment

The courts in Cayman have spoken and the spotlight is shining on the role of hedge fund board of directors. In the recent case of Weavering Macro Fixed Income Limited vs. Stefan Peterson and Hans Ekstrom, the Grand Court of the Cayman Island delivered a $111 million judgment against the Board of Directors for willful neglect and default. The court paid particular attention to the conduct during the Board of Directors meetings. This case has attracted significant media attention.

This topic will be explored in depth at GAIM Ops International during an extended session on Wednesday 12 October, 2011. In this session you will be able to hear from actual Board of Directors’ and Allocators as they discuss the implications of this case on the profession.

 Session Details
The Changing Landscape of Corporate Governance Practices in the Hedge Fund Industry
• Current perspectives from both directors and investors
• What type of transparency should investors be entitled to from the funds directors?
• What can we learn from the recent Weavering judgment?
• Should the investor community publish a director’s approved list?
• Timing and frequency of meetings, items that should be on the agenda, conflicts of interest, independence, and how to resolve disputes

Moderator: Eric Lazear, Head of Operational Due Diligence, FQS Capital Partners
Don Ebanks, Managing Director, dms Management Ireland
Malcolm Paterson, Director, Signina Capital AG Matthew Auriemma, Head of Operational Risk Management, UBP Asset Management
John Ward, Head of Operational Due Diligence, EIM Management (USA) Inc.
William Jones, Managing Director, ManagementPlus Group
Joyce E. Heinzerling, Principal, Meridian Fund Advisors
Roisin Cater, Principal, Carne Global Financial Services Ltd

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