Monday, March 14, 2011

How to Proactively Seize the Spotlight When Your Hedge Fund Makes the Front Pages

Recently there's been story after story in the media about possible insider trading within the hedge fund industry. The Keys to survival?

• Comprehending the crisis and communication protocols
• Handling press inquiries appropriately
• Managing confidential information
• Identifying when to retain outside assistance

We invite you to join us for the "Proactively Seizing the Spotlight When Your Fund is on the Front Pages" session in the "New Products/Markets and Industry Developments" track of the 6th Annual GAIM Ops Cayman to discuss and explore this critical issue more with Steve Bruce, Managing Partner at ASC Advisors, LLC, Carolyn Miller, Former GC at the Galleon Group, and Daniel Gagnier, Managing Director of Sard Verbinnen.

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