Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Will you be starting a hedge fund in 2011?

A hedge fund refers to an investment company that is unregulated. It is usually riskier than traditional investment funds such as mutual funds, and hedge funds take long and short positions in bonds, stocks, commodities and other investment products. There are profits to be made from starting your own hedge fund business. Hedge funds generally cater to sophisticated investors with large amounts of capital such as very wealthy individuals, pension funds and university endowments.

It can be quite complex to start your own hedge fund. Not anymore – we’ve given you the steps below (thanks VF) You should have a lot of experience in investments. However, you can seek advice from a qualified lawyer to help you. They can give you support in drafting an operating agreement for your hedge fund as well as determining the corporate structure for the business.

As per this article

Step 1. Create a hedge-fund team!
Step 2. Name your fund!
Step 3. Hire a law firm!
Step 4. Get that anchor capital!
Step 5. Get a prime broker!
Step 6. Check into your very own hedge-fund hotel!
Step 7. Hire a good P.R. person!

So again – are you going to start your own Hedge Fund in 2011? If yes, you should be going to the 6th Annual GAIM Ops Cayman conference to meet indsutry peers and really learn the ins and outs of the hedge fund industry.

The Premier Event Strengthening Operational
Due Diligence in Response to Game Changing Industry Trends
The hedge fund industry is in a state of flux due to new regulations, industry consolidation, difficulty in attracting new capital and increasing investor demands. The 6th Annual GAIM Ops Cayman will educate and inform you on these critical issues and give you the opportunity to discuss how they will change due diligence and compliance processes moving forward.

New for 2011
- Comprehensive Regulatory Guidance
- With over 5 hours of in-depth coverage and peer to peer discussions
- OTC Derivative Rules
- Implications of Hedge Fund Registration
- Ramifications of Dodd Frank Act
- Surviving an SEC Exam
- SEC, FSA and CIMA Updates
- Impact of the Volcker Rule
- How to Recover Assets from Wind-Up Petitions
- Tailor Your Due Diligence Interviews
- Examine Emerging Managers with Little or No Prior Hedge Fund Experience
- Verify Independence of Counterparties and Evaluate Whether an On-Site Visit is Required
- Examine Emerging Managers with Little or No Prior Hedge Fund Experience
- Expose Potential Conflicts of Interest that Jeopardize Future Investors
- Align Your Business With Next Generation Due Diligence Practices
- With 28 Comprehensive Panel Discussions and Working Groups
- Candid discussions from the Investor Perspective
- Why Fund of Funds Might Not Invest in Your Fund
- Expose Potential Conflicts of Interest that Jeopardize Future Investors

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